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Mercury PS/2 Keyboard - KOB101

  • Mercury PS/2 Keyboard - KOB101
  • PS/2
  • UK Character Set

Mercury PS/2 MM Keyboard - KOB2602

  • Mercury PS/2 MM Keyboard - KOB2602
  • Interface: PS/2
  • Designed for Enhanced Windows 95/ 98/ 2000 Key layout
  • High quality membrane tactile key switch available
  • Multiple languages and European Version available
  • Switch reliability: 5 millions
  • With special driver installation needed (Windows 98 system only)
  • Windows 2000 hot key function supports (Hot key 21 keys)

Mercury W/Less MM K/B + Mouse - KOB70467

  • Office Cordless Keyboard
  • Elegant, high-tech shape and colour with user-friendly function design
  • 33 easy internet and multimedia hot keys
  • Convenient scroll wheel and Microsoft office application functions
  • Cordless design extends work operation distance
  • Direct access key to Euro ³C²sign on the Num key
  • Detechable palm rest for comfort of your hands
  • Smart Keyboard sleeping mode for power saving
  • Distinct indicator on the keyboard for low battery notice
       Cordless Optical Mouse
  • Cordless design with 256 IDs per channel
  • With optical technology, motion can be detected on most surfaces
  • The mouse driver add more than 50 mouse functions for the programmable buttons
  • The scroll wheel as the low battery indicator
  • Smart mouse sleeping mode for power saving

Logitech Ivory Cordless Keyboard & Mouse

  • High Quality Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Wire-free design
  • Sleak attractive Styling
  • UK character set

Microsoft Multimedia OEM Keyboard PS2

  • Log Off Hot Key
    Log off Microsoft Windows® quickly with the press of a button
  • Sleep Hot Key
    Put your computer into "sleep" mode (such as suspend, standby, or hibernation) right from your desktop, protecting your data and saving energy (Sleep Hot Key functionality is available if your system supports power management and has it enabled, and if all peripherals are compatible with power management.)
  • Sleek Profile
    This keyboard is designed for a comfortable experience. Use the palm rest to support your hands when not typing, or remove it if that's more your style
  • Striking Looks
    Vibrant color and design add personality to your desktop
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